GarfieldEATS, An Innovative Concept Restaurant and Ordering App Dedicated to All Things Garfield the Cat

Garfield Shaped Pizza

GarfieldEATS is a wonderfully innovative concept restaurant in Toronto dedicated to all things related to Garfield the Cat. The accompanying app not only takes care of ordering the uniquely Garfield-shaped pizzas, sweets, and other food from the restaurant but offers Garfield-themed games, trivia, and cartoons to play. The app also offers discounts, loyalty programs.

GarfieldEATS is the world’s first entergaging restaurant app — both engaging + entertaining. Mobile app users can play, watch, and order at the same time and collect paws, a loyalty coin system, to unlock Groupon offers and much more, thanks to its unique user experience and interface design. Healthy Farm2Plate (F2P) lasagna, spaghetti, and get this… Garfield-shaped pizzas, Garfield 3D dark chocolate bars, Garficcino natural flavored coffee line, and fresh smoothies are all on the menu to complete the Garfield experience.

In an interview with Food and Wine, GarfieldEATS co-founder Nathen Mazri explains why he chose this rotund orange tabby as the theme for his new restaurant experience.

First of all, my partner and I Pascal Haider were in love with Garfield at a young age, the brand lives with us. …There was relevance. I mean the cat was hungry; he loved eating. It made sense to create a food concept around Garfield. You can call it destiny.

GarfieldEATS App

Garfield creator Jim Davis also put his stamp of approval on this project.

GarfieldEats App Cartoons

GarfieldEats App Screen Shots
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