Musician Uses GarageBand to Perform a Cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ Solely on His iPad

Video Killed the Radio Star iPad GarageBand

Musician Dan Baker quite skillfully employed the amazing capabilities of the Mac OS program GarageBand to perform a solo, multi-track cover of The Buggles song “Video Killed the Radio Star“, completely on his iPad. With the use of this technology, Baker’s version is eerily similar to the original 1979 hit.

Here’s my take on the Buggles’ 1979 hit, “Video Killed the Radio Star”, using NOTHING but the fantastic on-board sounds of GarageBand for iOS10: so unbelievably powerful…All vocal parts recorded using the internal mic, with lead vocal processed through the internal guitar amp simulator: the original 1979 vocal was played back through a VOX AC30 guitar amp to get that sound. Everything here mixed on the iPad as well, with lots of effects not fazing it in the slightest.

via Boing Boing

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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