Stunning Horse Sculptures Made From Galvanized Wire

Artist Connie Adams creates absolutely stunning horse sculptures out of galvanized metal wire and scrap. Several of these sculptures are more than life-sized and able to hold a human being, while others are smaller mounted pieces that look beautiful on a shelf. Adams’ larger projects include such equine breeds as a McMorland and a Welbeck while her smaller projects include an Arabian, a mini-horse, and a “Trojan” horse.

Adams, who is self-taught, seeks to capture the fluid motion of the animals she creates.

Norfolk based metal sculptor, presently focusing on recreating natural forms through wire and scrap. Having been influenced by sculptors, such as Robin Wight, to begin experimenting with wire and finding the manipulable medium allows me to create personalities within pieces. By building up around the initial ‘skeleton’ of the project, I begin establishing muscles, movement, and a sense of character.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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