Futuracha Pro, A Modern Interactive Font That Readjusts Based on Preceding and Following Letters

holy creative agency transformed their decorative Futuracha font into one that not only can be easily typed and saved, but also adjusts and readjusts based on the preceding and following letters. While the font is extremely popular, up to this point it could only allow designers to use it by configuring and positioning every single letter by hand.

Futuracha Pro is an Open Type Font, which magically adjusts and readjusts as you write. Its quirkiness and eccentricity are the two main features that made it one of the most beloved fonts in the whole world. Until today, nobody was able to just sit down and type with it. Featuring various combinations of letters and plenty of playful ligatures, Futuracha Pro gives creative people the opportunity to actually type and create, making their ideas extraordinary and unique!