A Beautifully Disconcerting Visual Meditation About the Frustration of Living With Lifelong Insomnia

Writer Marina Benjamin, who has lived with the frustrating condition of lifelong insomnia, shares a highly descriptive passage from her new, aptly-titled book Insomnia. Accompanying this passage is a beautifully disconcerting visual meditation by the New York Magazine series The Cut, which selectively employs related images to represent Benjamin’s words.

For memoirist Marina Benjamin, sleep has always been elusive. As a lifelong insomniac, she’s tried every possible sleep aid—drugs, meditation, counting sheep, New Age therapies—but none have worked. In her new memoir, Insomnia, Benjamin details her personal struggles with the condition: her frustrations, her insomniac highs, and how she manages to mine the depths of sleepless nights for poetry and creative expression.