Fret Zealot, A Guitar Learning System With LED Lights That Show Exactly Where Your Fingers Go

Fret Zeppelin

Fret Zealot is a unique guitar learning system that uses full spectrum LED lights embedded in an unobtrusive fret add-on directing the player’s fingers to the correct positioning. An accompanying app to enhance the experience is being developed for Android and iOS as well. The system can be used to learn notes, chords, scales and strum patterns.

Creators Brandon Borko and Shaun Masavage developed this system to make “make guitar learning and playing more intuitive and easier”. Borko and Masavage are currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring Fret Zeppelin to market

Now you can play songs intuitively, not just one note or chord at a time. Fret Zeppelin helps you to play through entire songs on the FIRST try! After you play a note, our app detects the sound and lights up where you put your fingers next. …The craft of guitar design and acoustics has been perfected for decades. Others before us have made guitars with LEDs built-in and the feedback is always the same: the guitars sound terrible. That’s why we leave the guitars to the experts and created a product you can easily add to the guitar of your choosing.

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