French Maker Crafts a Handmade Periscope In Order to View the Eiffel Tower From His Bedroom

Wanting to see the magnificent Eiffel Tower from his bed, Parisian builder Lucas Bergesson of La Fabrique DIY crafted a handmade periscope using two facing mirrors firmly bolted to opposite sides of the window. Bergesson generously shared the instructions for making the periscope, but warns to be very careful about recreating the project.

My window is badly oriented and doesn’t allow me to see the Eiffel Tower from my bed. So, here’s how I made a giant periscope with 2 mirrors to be able to see! …do not install a periscope at the edge of your window, especially over a pedestrian street. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide ideas and open up the imagination rather install one in your room to watch the corridor, in a cabin or a small version like this one to observe animals! And above all, send us pictures!



Le Tour Eiffel

images via La Fabrique DIY

via Boing Boing