Freddie Mercury Marionette Serenades Crowd in Madrid

A realistic Freddie Mercury marionette strutted around in his signature yellow jacket and white pants while serenading “I Want to Break Free” to a fascinated crowd in Madrid.

This mini-Mercury was created and operated by Diana Romero and Andrés Maturana of Periplo Marionetas. In addition to Freddie, Romero and Maturana have constructed a wide variety of other marionettes (including their version of The Beatles) that they perform with at festivals around Europe.

Periplo Puppets are Diana Romero and Andrés Maturana: designers and makers of puppets and stories. We began in 2003 with TitiriBeatles at the Ramblas of Barcelona and studying self-taught at Institut del Teatre Library. We traveled with our puppets through the streets of Europe and America gathering information and experience, until in 2009 we decided to live in Madrid and be a Theatre company. …We focus on audiovisual performance mixing video mapping, string puppets, and latex puppets to make shows that involve the audience.

Here are the Titiri Beatles performing in 2008.