Freddie Mercury’s Final Days Documented in an Amazing Series of Interviews, Performances and Clips

Superfan QueenAllTheWay edited together a rather heartbreaking but beautiful tribute to the late, great Freddie Mercury. Using a montage of interviews, performances and clips, the video rounds out the artist’s final days, showing him to be a wonderfully dedicated and generous soul who loved his cats, his boyfriend and most of all his bandmates, who went on television to fiercely protect Freddie after the tabloids were particularly cruel to his legacy.

Certainly the Freddie we knew wasn’t wildly promiscuous he wasn’t consumed by drugs any of these things that people are saying he was. He had a very responsible attitude to everyone that he was close to and he was a very generous and caring person to all the people that came through his life and more than that you can’t ask. I tell you we do feel absolutely bound to stick up for him because he can’t stick up for himself.