A Friendly Fox Visits Santa Claus at a Petsmart Store

A very friendly fox named Sly, sibling to Finnegan the Fox and other rescued vulpines at SaveAFox Rescue in Minnesota, was invited to the local Petsmart store to visit Santa Claus. Sly did really well with Santa, although his curiosity about the store made him a little restless in Santa’s lap.

Sly the Fox Meets Petsmart Santa

Afterward, Sly and his humans Mykala and Ethan went shopping for toys for himself and his buddies back home. Sly sat proudly at the head of the shopping cart causing another customer to exclaim “that dog looks just like a fox”, to which Ethan responded, “It is a fox”.

After picking out and paying for his chosen toys, they all returned back home where Sly “distributed” the new toys to other nearby foxes.

Sly the Fox Distributes Toys
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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