Fox Fires, An Animated Adaptation of a Finnish Folktale Explaining Adorable Origins of the Aurora Borealis

“Fox Fires” by filmmaker Keilidh Bradley is a stunning animation that tells of a time when the moon came down from the sky to ask the animals for their help lighting up the sky. The ram, the bear, and the hawk stepped forward. Soon other animals joined them as they took their place in the sky as constellations. Only a lonely little fox remained behind, who ended lighting up the sky with his tail.

Fox Trying to get at the stars

Fox: I don’t understand, I tried so hard. I just wanted to be a star like everyone else.
Moon: Well, whoever said you can only be a star?

Thus explains the origins of the traditional Finnish folktale of Revontulet, aka the Aurora Borealis.

Fox Aurora Borealis

via The Nerdist

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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