Found Pieces of Driftwood Creatively Transformed Into Colorful Superhero, Viking, Fisherman, and Farmer Figures


French artist Anna Foucher has created Boud’Bois, a wonderful series in which she transforms found pieces of driftwood into wonderfully fun figures such as Batman, Robin, and Darth Vader along with assorted vikings, fishermen, and farmers.

(translated) The Boud’Bois arise from driftwood picked up at the water’s edge to the likings of walks, trips. More than just a piece of tree, driftwood, this lost wood, worn by water is the result of nature; he has a story to tell …It is this history that I unveil the sculpture, painting. Inspired by the comic, I made a cheerful style, humorous and naive. Designed alone or in pairs, each character is unique.

Joker Progression

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Side

One Legged Fisherman

Vikings and Farmer


images via Anna Foucher

via Recycle Art