Former Laughing Squid Blogger E.D.W. Lynch Is Raising Funds In Order To Go Forth and Make Art


Former Laughing Squid blogger and internet personality E.D.W. Lynch, is venturing out on his own and is currently raising funds through GoFundMe so that he may go forth and make art.

If you like goats, if you are vaguely uneasy about selfie sticks, if you cringe inwardly when a loved one says “tweet,” if you’ve ever watched the sun paint the corrugated hills in exquisite Technicolor and considered the passing of that shimmering orb and turned and spat in the dust…this is your chance to help me make more art! …I’m raising money to support a period of creative work and field research known as my Hunter S. Thompson Period. That period began earlier this summer, when I left my writing gig, sold my earthly belongings, and moved out of the San Francisco Bay Area. It will continue, in August, with my participation in a cross-country touring art project called Everyhere Logistics . And it will proceed into this fall, when I will shoot videos that promote my tech-skeptical goat-positive agenda. I am raising money for the following: 1) My expenses for the Everyhere Logistics project 2) A smartphone, video camera, microphone, and editing software so I can document my travels and produce groundbreaking goat-related video content 3) Expenses from my recent move.

Dream About Goats

images via E.D.W. Lynch