Fohm, Memory Foam Pillows Developed With New Technology To Address Heat, Support, and Breathability Issues

Fohm pillows came about when founders Nick Ondrako and Erick Arbe, along with other employees at AO Studios in Greenville, South Carolina, were complaining about not getting enough sleep. When the group determined that it was because of the pillows they had, they set about creating memory foam pillows that addressed the common concerns of heat, support, and fabrics.

We decided to finally give the pillow the attention it deserves. So we set out to build the most technologically advanced pillow ever created – here are the areas we made the most improvements:

  • Memory Foam, Improved: The benefits of memory foam are numerous: it offers fantastic support and alignment of your head, neck and spine. It molds to the shape of your head and never loses its elasticity. …
  • ThermaPhase Technology: The team behind our memory foam is incredible. We worked with them to develop a phase change material, called ThermaPhase, into our foam which works to draw heat away from the source…
  • Dynamic Thermal Cooling: …We developed a brand new technology and created Dynamic Thermal Cooling. This material bonds to our ThermaPhase technology inside the foam – creating a seamless, integrated, comfortable cooling layer on top of the the pillow. The really innovative technology behind this is how your pillow stays completely breathable – never pooling heat.
  • Heat Management & Airflow: Good ventilation is vital for proper heat distribution. We give off heat when we sleep, and having a pillow that can evenly distribute that heat makes for a much more comfortable sleeping experience…
  • Innovative Quality Fabric: Putting the time and research into a fabric that actually compliments the technology inside of this pillow was the final, crucial step. Our fabric is treated with a phase change material that actually wicks away moisture and heat – giving you an additional layer of comfort.

The pillows come in three different styles: the Simple (for those with no sleep issues), the Side (for side sleepers), and the Silhouette (for neck and back support). The pillows were successfully funded via Kickstarter and are available online for $99.

FOHMsimpleSimple Pillow

FOHMsideSide Pillow

FOHMsilhouetteSillhouette Pillow

images via Fohm

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