Pilot Sets World Record Flying His Plane Through a 1,730 Meter Tunnel in Less Than 44 Seconds

Red Bull pilot Dario Costa flew his plane through the narrow confines of the Çatalca Tunnels on the Northern Marmara Motorway outside Instanbul, Turkey at an amazing 245 kilometers per hour.

So Dario Costa just became the first person to fly a plane through a tunnel, wait! TWO tunnels and we are literally speechless

Costa took off on the asphalt inside the first tunnel of the pair, gathered air in the road gap in between the tunnels, and then flew through the second 1,730 meter long tunnel in a mere 44 seconds under rather challenging circumstances. Costa became the first person to accomplish this amazing feat.

His unprecedented flight through Istanbul’s Çatalca Tunnels was seriously impressive with cross winds between the tunnels and air bumps inside them testing his skills – but ending the flight in the aviation history books was SO worth it

Costa set a Guinness World Record with this historic flight.

The longest tunnel flown through with an airplane measures 1,730 m (5675 ft 10.23 in) and was achieved by Red Bull athlete Dario Costa (Italy) in Çatalca Istanbul, Turkey, on 4 September 2021