A Wonderful Miniature Flying Baby Yoda Hover Pod

Hardware engineer Adam Woodworth, maker of creative flying machines, transformed a tiny drone into a miniature version of The Child’s (Baby Yoda) floating hover pod as seen in The Mandalorian. Woodworth used a variety of parts and a great deal of skill to create this incredible 1″ replication that works particularly well with a Mando action figure.

I used the electronics out of an old Fast Lane quad I had in my parts bin, and some upgraded motors and props. The shell is formed around the pod/egg from the new Mission Fleet line, and everything is packed carefully inside. This build tested my patience, and vision, at times trying to get all the electronics to fit into the tiny shell. I eventually broke out the magnifying gear when it was time to solder up the motors. The completed model weighs less than one ounce and is only about an inch wide!

Baby Yoda Flying Miniature Hover Pod

via Nerdist