Ephemeral Flowers Regifted From Previous Night’s Parties Overflow in NYC Sidewalk Garbage Cans

Renowned New York City floral designer Lewis Miller of Lewis Miller Designs (LMD) has created a wonderful ephemeral trend he calls “The Flower Flash” in which beautiful floral designs, either new or “re-gifted” from a previous night’s party, appear on street corners, adorning and overflowing the nearby garbage bins. This trend has caught on quite a bit, decorating the city streets for a just a little while before they wilt or get taken home a piece at a time by passersby. It all started when LMD regifted the decorations from the Hulu holiday party to the bin on 29th and Madison.

Thank you Hulu for having such a chic holiday party last night. I hope you don’t mind, we regifted your flowers to New York this morning!

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