Compassionate Firefighter Rescues a Feisty Baby Kangaroo From a Raging Australian Bushfire

With so much horrific news coming out of the raging Australian bush fire, it’s with grateful relief to hear that those fighting the flames are also doing all they can to save precious wildlife wherever they can.

One such firefighter is Sam Mcglone. A traveling filmmaker by trade, Mcglone rescued a feisty little baby kangaroo (joey) who had been hiding under a log. The little marsupial was scared and confused by all the heat, chaos, and loss of his mother, but a gentle swaddling towel helped to calm him down. The joey was soon taken to the veterinarian for care.

I was out fighting a bushfire in Australia! When seen a baby Kangaroo hiding under a log! I saved it and we then took him down to the Vets. …Australia is on fire! 500 million animals have been killed. I saved this little baby kangaroo it was left by its self! This is heartbreaking. 10 Million acres burned. Please spread. Please donate. We need your help!

Mcglone has been documenting these atrocious fires while helping others extinguish the flames.

CBS News has rounded up a number of ways to help evacuees, communities, firefighters and animals that have been hurt by this heartbreakng fire.