Rescued Female Tawny Owl Readily Adopts Two Orphaned Chicks After Her Eggs Failed to Hatch

Compassionate wildlife artist Robert E Fuller, who told the hardwon love story between two kestrels during their first year of mating, shared another heartwarming tale about a rescued female tawny owl named Luna who in turn readily adopted a pair of orphaned owl chicks after her own eggs failed to hatch. Fuller placed the orphans with Luna in the hopes that she would find comfort with them and with her, the chicks would find safety.

This means that after a long wait, Luna the tawny owl is finally a mum. Not only did her eggs fail to hatch this year, but she also lost her clutch last year. …And the event also brings the story round full circle since Luna is herself a rescued tawny owl, raised herself by owls here at Fotherdale who fostered her in 2017.

Luna’s partner Bomber was very happy to find out that he was a father, however, Luna made it clear that it was Bomber’s responsibility to go out and get some food for the little ones.

The first time Bomber the tawny owl discovers the two rescued chicks I placed in the nest he seems very excited. But Luna seems a little protective and doesn’t let him too close just yet. She lets him have a quick look then guides him out of their nest with a firm claw on his leg as if to say, now go and get them some food.

Fuller had rescued the chicks after getting a call that they were in need of a home.

They had fallen from a stack of straw which was about to be moved. I’ve taken them into my care & so far they are feeding well – just listen to that chittering demand for more food. I hope to get them back into the wild asap.

Fuller had previously placed another pair of tawny owl chicks with other wild owls in 2020.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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