Enthusiastic Father Teaches His Three and a Half Year Old Daughter How to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Benjamin Jabe, a rather enthusiastic father has been documenting his journey of trying to teach his absolutely adorable three and a half year old daughter Izzy how to play his favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons. To get Izzy engaged, Jabe set up a campaign with a simple premise, but the potential for plenty of cognitive rewards.

I started playing very simplified game of Dungeons and Dragons with my 3.5 year old that had an emphasis on critical thinking, shapes, number recognition, and loss acceptance. I think Dungeons and Dragons can me an amazing tool to help aid children in development in a number of different ways.

Izzy started off slowly, but by the third video, she was rolling a bunch of natural twenties and coming up with very creative solutions to deal with an extremely obstructive Froghemoth who refused to get out of her way.

Izzy faces off against her biggest foe yet, a Froghemoth. Her methods of dealing with the creature is something that only a three and a half year old can come up with!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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