Fanboy Corgi Dog Models the Costumes Worn by All 13 Incarnations of ‘Doctor Who’

The Watercooler‘s adorable little Welsh corgi named Wally models the full array of signature costumes worn by all 13 incarnations of Doctor Who, replete with a celery stalk (the 5th Doctor), a multi-colored scarf (the 4th Doctor), sonic screwdrivers and the beloved current Gallifreyan’s electric guitar (the 12th Doctor).

HDoctor Who is the longest running science fiction show ever. In the five decades since it first aired, its main character has worn many different costumes and had many different faces. …Why dress up a corgi as the Doctor? Because corgis are cool.


image via Wally the Welsh Corgi

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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