Experience Tube, A Stretchy Analog Device That Uses Instant Facial Recognition For Conversational Privacy

The arts and entertainment group Meow Wolf has created the really fun, immersive “Experience Tube” that allows two people to fully enjoy each other’s company with instant facial recognition to provide for a completely private conversation. The experience tube is completely analog and is made of soft, stretchy material with stripes that can make the world a bit hallucinatory at times.

The Experience Tube is a revolutionary analog device which connects one experience to another! Using only soft striped fabric and the most sophisticated facial recognition technology ever developed (installed standard in current model human brains) the tube replaces all peripheral distractions with an unbridled visual feast of stripes and laughter! Simply upload a couple faces into each end and make your own internet, instantaneously! Immediate vivid connection, with no subscriptions, user agreements, invasive advertisements, or spotty service!

Experience Tube Instruction 1

Experience Tube Instruction