The Visual Effects Used to Create the Humanoid Robot Ava in the Oscar Winning Film ‘Ex Machina’

Double Negative, the British production house that created the VFX Oscar-winning dystopian, futuristic Los Angeles landscape of the film Blade Runner 2049, has released a remarkable behind-the-scenes VFX look at the 2014 film Ex Machina, which includes a visual breakdown of the scenes that show how Ava’s (Alicia Vikander) body was rendered, revealing both real and VFX forms. Double Negative won their third Oscar with these effects.

Ahead of the #Oscars here’s a VFX breakdown of our work on #ExMachina, which brought us our third Oscar for Best VFX! The latest breakdown video in our #20YearsOfDNEG series shows how the team enhanced Alicia Vikander’s incredible performance to create Ava – a main character who needed to be both obviously synthetic and yet at the same time strikingly human.