The Practical Utility of Equipping Cats With Laser Beams

Professional cat engineers Paul Klusman and TJ Wingard have returned to tout another new technology regarding the practical utility of equipping cats with laser beams.

Professional Cat Engineers Paul and TJ review new advances in Cat Laser Beam Technology, including manufacturing, bug control, line-of-sight communication, and hopping night clubs.

Previously onerous tasks, such as welding two sheets of metal, become very simple with just a look from an unblinking feline. The same with cutting that same piece of metal back into two. Home pest control would be a snap, as would “direct line-of-sight” communication.

This is particularly useful for older less mobile or sleepy cats. In this day and age of digital communication, technology cat laser beams can serve a useful purpose for direct line-of-sight communication particularly at night. The cats can communicate directly between themselves or the engineer companion may direct the code by way of butt scratches.

The pair previously employed cat lasers at Christmas to battle each other.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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