A Handsome English Bulldog With an Oversized Tongue Who Will Extend a Paw of Love and Friendship

GeoBeats Animals visited with Nikki Carvey, the founder of Road Dogs & Rescue, a wonderful organization that specializes in fostering and finding homes for disabled dogs in the Los Angeles area. One of Carvey’s rescues is a MugShot, a handsome English bulldog with an oversized tongue that hangs down over the folds of his chin.

I just called him MugShot because I just do feel like for a bulldog, he’s very handsome. It’s criminal to be this good looking.

Accompanying MugShot’s giant tongue is his giant personality. Carvey describes MugShot as kind, friendly, and easygoing with everyone. She also notes that MugShot is known for offering his paw in friendship, a cue that humans can take from him.

When he arrived, he was very, very shy but he would start lifting his paw towards me and I started calling it the “paw of love and friendship”. You give him any attention and he’ll just sort of raise his paw. That’s a wonderful lesson for us as humans to like, just extend their hand to each other.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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