A Heartbreaking Compilation of Endangered Animals Who May Soon Be On the Brink of Extinction

As part of their Planet Earth series, Great Big Story compiled a heartbreaking video of endangered animals who may soon be on the brink of extinction, but for these animal ambassadors who are part of a program that seeks to bring awareness to the dangers posed and captive breeding programs that seek to reintroduce the animals back into the wild. Some of these ambassadors include the okapi – a relative of the giraffe, a family of pileated gibbons, the big-nosed tapir, the pre-historic babirusa, a Coquerel’s sifaka lemur, stubborn tamanduas, a nimble three-toed sloth and an adorable tree-kangaroo.

In this reel, we meet some of the rarest critters on planet Earth, including the closest living relative to the giraffe, a lemur threatened by hunting and a tree kangaroo hanging on for survival due to habitat loss.


Pileated Gibbons