Traveling Alone From a Giant Empty Airport in Pyongyang, North Korea to Beijing, China

After spending a few days exploring North Korea, travel vlogger Jordan Simons shared what it was like to travel from Pyongyang Sunan International Airport in North Korea to Beijing, China. After Simons arrived at the airport, he was unaccompanied for the first time in the country and was very much alone in the giant terminal, a feeling he called very spooky.

I had to fly out of the Pyongyang airport and needed two North Korean guides to take me there. Then when I arrived, the airport was completely empty and I was the only one inside. …This video series is NOT a political commentary. It is only meant to document what it’s like to travel to North Korea (DPRK) in 2019. I can only show you what I am shown myself.

Simons followed up with a video that summed up his trip to North Korea in 2019.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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