Empathy Cards, A Second Generation of Notes That Quickly Get to the Point With Humor and Empathy


Artist and cancer survivor Emily McDowell has created a second generation of her wonderfully honest line of Empathy Cards, forthright notes that very quickly get to the point with just the right amount of empathy and ironic humor that resonates with someone who is ill.

Many of these new styles are appropriate for a wide variety of illnesses, loss, and general crappy situations. It was also important to me to include something that directly addressed mental health; …I also wanted to do more cards that were applicable to chronic/long-term illness, which is how these came about. I remember my oncologist saying the “marathon/sprint” thing to me, and although it’s an apt metaphor, having to run in general freaking sucks.



Five Stages


Take Away


images via Emily McDowell

via Emily McDowell

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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