An Affable Elephant and Her Human Make Frequent Visits to a Kind Neighbor For Some Yummy Treats

Lekshmi the Elephant Daily Treats

Almost every day, a really affable elephant named Lekshmi and her human Kannan make frequent visits to the family of Baiju Attukal, kind neighbors who provide both pachyderm and man with yummy treats. Sometimes, the playful Lekshmi even tries to come into the house, but is mostly content to remain in the doorway or in the yard gathering food with her big, beautiful trunk.

Lekshmi 12 year old elephant and her friend 25 years old Kannan are frequent visitors to my family for the last two years. Me and my family members and my dog Ceser 6 years, eagerly wait for there [sic] visits. My wife and my mother keep food for Kannan and Lekshmi.

Lekshmi the Elephant Going Into House for Treats