The Two Little Known Tools That Are Hiding in Plain Sight on Electrical Outlets Used in the US and Canada

Leah Bolden of the wonderful home improvement blog See Jane Drill shared the two little known tools that are hiding in plain sight on electrical outlets used in the United States and Canada. Both tools can be used before installing the outlet into the wall.

Leah of See Jane Drill shows the two tools in an electrical outlet and demonstrates how the tools are used.

The first, more commonly known tool is a convenient stripping gauge on the back of the outlet that lets you know how much wire to strip. The second tool is actually a pair of wire strippers right below the screw holes on the front of an Eaton electrical outlet. One side works for 14 gauge wire and the other side for 12 gauge wire. These wire strippers can come in very handy in an emergency.

Now you may never use the wire strippers in an electrical outlet but here’s the thing if you ever find yourself in need of wire strippers and you don’t have a pair you just might use it after all.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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