Eight Year Old Drumming Prodigy Impressively Holds Her Own While Playing Along With Led Zeppelin

Yoyoka Soma is quite an accomplished musician. At the tender age of eight, this drumming prodigy has already has performed live with her family’s band Kaneaiyoyoka with whom she’s put out two CD’s. Yoyoka also won a drum kit during week six at the 2018 Hit Like a Girl Contest for her impressive performance of the Led Zeppelin song “Good Times Bad Times“. Yoyoka has been playing drums since she was two years old.

My parents were performing music activities as amateur singer-songwriters and they cradled me with their music. When I listened to their songs and guitar performances, I was eager to join them and couldn’t stop beating out a rhythm. That was why I started playing the drums. The drum was the first instrument in which I felt an interest in my life…At age 2, I was playing the drums as if I were playing with toys. At age 4, I started performing at concerts. At age 5, my family band “Kaneaiyoyoka” was formed by my parents. We have released 2 self-produced CD albums so far.

Here’s the another version of Yoyoka’s cover of “Good Times Bad Times”

Yoyoka also performed a truly badass drum cover of “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin while wearing a yellow lemon shirt at the age of seven years old.

via NPR