NYC Artist Pays Tribute to Eddie Van Halen With Heartfelt ‘Frankenstrat’ Guitar Garage Door Mural

NYC artist Adrian Wilson, aka plannedalism, who temporarily altered the mosaic at the Van Siclen Avenue stop in East New York, Brooklyn to read “Van Halen Avenue” in memory of the late, greatly missed Eddie Van Halen, also paid tribute to the legendary guitarist on the folding garage of the Bowery Toy Store.

Wilson painted an image of an early Frankenfender tour van with Eddie’s iconic “Frankenstrat” striped guitar coming out the front of the van. Wilson also printed the name “Van Halen”, with a highlighted E.

Complete with ghostly early tour van, Frankenfender, and highlighted ‘E’ for Eddie.
On view 24/7 at the Bowery Toy Store, 246 Bowery, New York.