New York City Artist Alters the Van Siclen Avenue Subway Station Mosaic to Read ‘Van Halen Avenue’

As we’ve mentioned in the past, New Yorkers are known for their heartfelt subway tributes to legends who have died, and the tragic death of iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen was no exception.

NYC artist Adrian Wilson temporarily altered the mosaic at the Van Siclen Avenue IND stop in East New York, Brooklyn, replacing the word “Siclen” with “Halen” so that it read “Van Halen Avenue”. While Van Halen never lived in New York, his music will always live in the heart of New Yorkers.

I even explained on TV how this works and how easy it is. A famous person dies, look up the name of a subway stop and put a sticker over it to memorialize the person. It’s that easy!

Here’s the mosaic in its original form.

via Brooklyn Vegan