Bryan Cranston Talks About Being in the Mezcal Business With ‘Breaking Bad’ Co-Star Aaron Paul

A very bearded Bryan Cranston spoke with Forbes about Dos Hombres, the Mezcal company he started with Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul.

Bryan Cranston, actor and star of Breaking Bad, goes behind the bar to discuss why he started the Dos Hombres mezcal brand with costar Aaron Paul…

Cranston spoke about his initial aversion to Mezcal, how Paul won him over with his plan, how their master Mezcalero Gregorio Velasco has been making Mezcal since he was eight years old and how the company is helping the local community in Oaxaca

We fell in love with the spirit, we fell in love with the culture and the families and the communities down in Oaxaca, Mexico that that make our brand and others around the region. Beautiful people, hardworking people. So we asked what the town needs, and collectively they said, well, we could use a new water system…so Dos Hombres paid for and installed a new high-tech water system for this entire community.

He also joked about how Paul switched their fictional roles from the series and is leading the charge.

On “Breaking Bad”,  I was definitely the senior partner, and Aaron Paul was a junior partner. On Dos Hombres, it’s flipped. He really is the spirit behind the spirit. He was the one who had the initial idea, and he spearheaded our social media program. He’s done an incredible amount of work. The chemistry, and that’s a pun, that we had on “Breaking Bad” was very strong. We concur on almost everything.