Two Dogs Blissfully Enjoy the Powerful Breeze Generated by Huge Industrial Sized Fans

When their humans discovered that their air conditioning system had sprung a leak, they brought in huge industrial sized fans to dry the carpets. Canine siblings Cooper and Koda both took the opportunity to enjoy the powerful breeze that was being constantly generated.

Cooper let his long, golden locks flow, while Koda’s white coat made it look like it was snowing indoors.

Dogs Under Fans

While the dogs were blissfully enjoying the fans, their humans pointed out the mess they were making.

I would just like to point out that it is springtime. They are shedding and he is allowing
this to blow in here. It literally looks like it’s snowing in here. There’s no way the camera will pick it
up, but there’s just tufts and wafts of Koda hair floating all over the place.