Brave Dog Who Waited at Site of Home Burned During California Wildfire Reunites With His Beloved Humans

An Anatolian shepherd named Madison faithfully waited at the site of his former Paradise, California home for his human Andrea Gaylord to come back. Unfortunately for Madison, his home was at the epicenter of the horrific Camp Fire. Madison somehow survived the fire and bravely stayed there to protect the property while Gaylord searched in vain for her dog. When Gaylord was finally allowed to go back to her home after a month, she was overjoyed to find her beloved Madison in front, waiting patiently for her. Shayla Sullivan of K9 Paw Print Rescue, who was putting out food and water for the neighborhood dogs, assisted Gaylord from inside the area.

Madison’s parents were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread. They hoped and prayed he would be OK. When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood….Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home. Never give up!!

Sullivan has also set up a GoFundMe page to help the Gaylord family get back on their feet after losing everything to the fires.

She and her family lost NINE homes to the Camp Fire. The property has been in her family for 100 years this year and it’s all she remembers. She moved to Paradise when she was two years old. She is 75. Bill, her husband, built their home and he was born in Paradise. …I’m going to do all I can to follow through with help for these people. I did it in her Cascade Fire and I KNOW it is needed for Camp Fire Victims. Together, little by little, we can help these people rebuild.

via ABC10, The Washington Post