A Playful Dog Gently Drags Her Beloved Tug Rope Around the Room for a Visiting Kitten to Chase

A playful two year old dog named Sally adorably picked up a piece of her belove tug rope and gently dragged it on the floor around the room in order to get a tiny kitten named Tchaikovsky to play with her. Tchai, as the kitten is known, obligingly chased after the rope in the most feline way possible over and over again.

According to Sally’s humans, Tchai was visiting for a few days and Sally tried everything to get him to play with her. The two have now become the best of friends.

She had been trying to get the kitten to chase her by stealing his toys and running away, which is also her favorite way to play with other dogs. After many attempts, she finally figured out how to get him to play with her – by holding her tug rope in her mouth and pulling it around for him. Now they are best friends.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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