Dog Who Thinks He’s a Cat Jumps Onto Counters Like His Feline Siblings

A rescued pit bull named Mako jumps onto counters and other high surfaces just like his feline siblings. His human Bethany explained that when they adopted him, the center said that he was good with cats. What they didn’t realize is that he actually thinks he is a cat.

He likes to do what the cats do. The cats get up on the cabinets… he just immediately goes up there anytime when they’re there. He really likes cat treats so during kitty treat time, we… teach them to sit together or go up to the treat together.  He likes to play with the cat toys we ended up finding online this toy that kind of looks like a big cat toy so that he kind of like like feels like he’s a part of the group .

Bethany also stated that she didn’t realize a dog could be so nimble.

 The counter was already kind of mind blowing, just because I see the cats with him. They all are just sitting up there staring at me and then when I actually saw him jump up onto the fridge I didn’t realize in my mind that dogs can just gracefully jump.