Taking a Dog-Sized Robotic Furby for a Walk in the Park

Married couple Evan and Katelyn, who previously created a 1,000 wick tea candle, turned a robotic quadruped into a strangely cute and certainly unique, dog-sized Furby that they then took for a walk in the park. Evan had originally bought the robot for their cat Joobie, when that didn’t work out, the pair came up with a new plan.

My original plan was to cover it in fur, make it look like a cat, and see if she liked it. Even though Joobie wasn’t interested, at this point, we had kind of become attached to the idea of covering it in fur. And since it was already kinda creepy, we thought we’d just lean into that even more, and turn it into a walking, talking Furby.

Needless to say, their new dog was quite the conversation starter.

Let’s take him out. I’m sure no one will be creeped out by this. …It’s unusual to say the least.

They consulted with Austin Bradley, the builder of the giant Crocs clog hat, who 3D printed a custom Furby head that would perfectly fit the quadruped.

He’s a YouTuber named Austin Bradley, and he’s gonna help us model and 3D-print the mechanized parts for our Furby head. …Our first step was to 3D-scan the robot and send it to him, so he could accurately model the Furby parts for it.

Bradley Recounts the Process In A Separate Video

A couple months ago I turned YouTubers Evan and Caitlyn into human Furbies by making them masks that form fit to their face. They really seemed to like them, so Evan and Caitlyn practically begged me to make them another Furby. Their plan is to take one of those walking robot dog things and turn it into a giant walking Furby.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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