Making a Highly Incendiary Giant 1,000 Wick Candle

Married makers Evan and Katelyn created a giant tea light candle with an astounding 1,000 wicks inside a giant galvanized steel pan because they wanted to see what making a purposely incendiary candle was like after a previous project had gone awry.

Ever since we tried a life hack that turned what was supposed to be a nice, cute little rose candle into a massive fireball….That turned into a fireball on accident. But we thought, what if we tried to make a really exciting candle on purpose, by making one with a thousand wicks?

The pair first had to decide how to place the wicks. They then poured the wax and let it all cool. They brought it outside and then tried to light it. It was more difficult than it looked as it quickly became very hot. Unfortunately, the wicks didn’t last very long.

And this is a candle with a thousand wicks. Let’s see what happens when we light it. It got hot. All of a sudden it’s getting way hotter. …Whoa. Way hotter. The heat is projecting out way, way farther. …All of the wicks are gone. …They’re just like tiny little nubs maybe, but I don’t think that the candle is running off of the wicks anymore. …I think that we needed the wicks to start the cycle, but right now it’s just boiling wax, that’s on fire.

1000 Wick Candle

The pair is planning for a new, lighter, and more incendiary version of this candle.

Version two will only be 30 pounds….For version two I think we should leave like an inch of space at the top. And I think we should also maybe like put a fire, like an air intake tube right at the center of the candle, to let air flow from the underside too. So it’ll be an even bigger fireball.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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