Incredible Dog Sculptures Made From Recycled Textiles

British artist Barbara Franc, who creates animal sculptures out of wire and recycled metal scraps, also uses discarded textiles as her medium. One such example is a trio of textile hounds that Franc made for London Craft Week. Other dog sculptures include a beautiful painted dog, which benefitted a PaintedDogs fundraiser, a loyal Airedale, a playful blue greyhound, and a seemingly mixed breed made out of denim. As Franc previously stated, she is fascinated with the form of animals and uses them as her inspiration.

I increasingly use recycled and discarded materials as I enjoy the challenge of transforming something with a past history into something new and exciting… [Influenced by] Nineteenth century animal engravings, domesticated animals and our dependence on them, movement of racing animals such as horses and dogs, skeletal structures both organic and inorganic.

via My Modern Met