Dog Reacts With Adorable Inquisitiveness When Her Human Tells a Story About a Squirrel With a Treat


Telling hazel a story using some of her favorite words. #dogsoftiktok #favoritewordschallenge #favoritewords

? original sound – Lauren

While at home during a sweltering New York City summer, Lauren shared a story with her beloved toy Australian Shepherd Hazel that contained many words with which the dog was very familiar. Hazel, who dropped the ball that was in her mouth upon the word “squirrel”, responded to her human with a beautifully expressive face that moved from side to side in adorable inquisitiveness.

Yesterday I went outside and I saw a squirrel and the squirrel had a bone in its mouth and he was eating a treat.

Blumenthal also asked Hazel the proper process for barking at other dogs while stuck inside.

The Beautiful Hazel is Also a Canine Model

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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