Craftsman Builds a Stick Library for Dogs at the Park

Stick Library

While trimming trees on from the side of his house in Kaiapoi, New Zealand, craftsman Andrew Taylor decided to use the dead branches to create a “stick library” for his dog Bella and the other dogs who frequent the park where they go.

Taylor lovingly engraved the box he built to hold the smoothed, rounded sticks and set it near the park entrance. Andrew’s only request was that the sticks be returned like the books in a real library. Andrew’s daughter Tayla Reece, who works as a pet sitter, proudly posted her father’s project online.

Our dog Bella loves a good stick, but there were no good sticks at our new dog park in Kaiapoi. So my wholesome dad made a stick library so all the doggos can enjoy a good stick.


Bella loves sticks so dad made a stick library for the new dog park. Happy doggo. #fyp #foryoupage #dog #wholesome #kaiapoi

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