Supervillains Attempt to Use Video Chat to Plan Their Evil Schemes in Doc Pop’s Song ‘The Legion of Zoom’

Doc Pop, an artist, musician, performer and good friend of Laughing Squid edited together classic clips of Legion of Doom cartoons that show the supervillains attempting to conduct their business through video chat in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. This humorous video was made to accompany Doc Pop’s original and aptly-titled song “The Legion of Zoom” off his upcoming album Quarantined Beats and Inside Voices, which will be released soon.

I’m not sure of the exact date yet, but sometime this week I’ll be releasing a new album. It’s kind of a big deal. The album, Quarantined Beats and Inside Voices, was written and recorded in one month. We are mixing and mastering the album right now and hope to have the album released on Tuesday… or maybe Wednesday? Keep your eyes on for it.