Diver Calls Fish Using a Unique Underwater Sound

Experienced diver Rex Colubra became underwater friends with a surprisingly friendly smallmouth bass he named Elvis. Whenever Colubra was diving, Elvis would find him, hang around, and chase other fish away. Colubra likened Elvis to an underwater puppy.

It was when he started chasing the other fish away I was like you know what the theme the behavior of a jealous dog or cat this is like an aqua puppy. It’s just so interesting

One day, Colubra made a specific noise to let Elvis know where he was, and Elvis responded. Since then, all Colubra needs to do is make the noise, and Elvis finds him. The two have since had many reunions.

I had an idea of what if I taught him a sound that I make to try to get him to locate me. He found me at exactly two minutes and he was the only fish that I saw that whole dive.

Diver Calls Fish