Disney Themed Cocktails

Cocktails by Cody - The Glass Slipper

A mixologist in Spokane, Washington who goes by the name Cody created a Disney-themed cocktail menu. Drinks with names like “The Glass Slipper“, “Siren’s Song” and “Evil to the Core” hark back to childhood stories and conjure up what pretty princesses, evil stepmothers and even nasty villains might taste like if they were in liquid form. Even each drink description has a bit of a cartoon flair. For example, The Malificent is described by Cody as:

Hands down my most precious drink that I’ve crafted to date. It’s the mistress of evil herself, Maleficent. The layering in this drink makes it look like an oil spill, and nothing short of vile. It is a mixture of tart, bitter, and sour that is a wonderful combination, while still having a strong vodka based backbone.

Disney and alcohol. How could it possibly be bad?

Cocktails by Cody - Maleficent

Cocktails by Cody - Fair Maiden Grumpy Evil to the Core

Cocktails by  Royal Cody - Vizier

Cocktails by Cody - Sleep Cycle - Aurora

Cocktails by Cody - Evil Step Mother

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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