‘Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated’, Author Seeks Funding to Update Her ‘Doctor Who’ Recipe Book

Chris-Rachael Oseland, the author behind such nerdy books as An Unexpected Cookbook and Kitchen Overlord is currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to publish her new book Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated, an updated version of her previous Doctor Who cookbook Dining With the Doctor.

Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated takes the best content from the first edition, doubles the total number of recipes with all new content, and packages it all in a handsome, professionally printed book any geek would be proud to display on their coffee table. …The revised & expanded 2nd edition includes:

  • 60 recipes from the 1st edition (87 episodes, stories #157-224)
  • 60+ brand new recipes (116 episodes, stories #157-253)
  • Brand new, high quality food photography
  • Interior artwork by Tom Gordon
  • Bonus chapters for both Cocktails and Fish Fingers & Custard
  • Index broken down by dietary restrictions & food allergies so you can easily feed all your friends



Recipe 2

Recipe 3

images via Chris-Rachael Oseland

via GeekxGirls, Geeks Are Sexy