Beautiful Digitally Printed Cotton Scarves Featuring the Colorful Wingspans of Various Birds

Woodpecker Scarf

British artist Sandy Gardner has created an absolutely gorgeous line of cotton scarves that feature the colorful wingspans of such birds as the magpie, the woodpecker, the kingfisher, the pheasant phoenix, the barn owl and the three eyed raven. The scarves are available for purchase through Gardner’s Etsy store.

Each design begins with a combination of pen and ink line drawings coloured with water colours washes. With the meticulously use of a drawing tablet, fine brush details are added. Each design is completed by digitally combining the hand rendered elements with layered fragments of digital photography and collage. My Artwear is digitally printed onto one side of the fabric, the high definition design shows through slightly lighter on the reverse side. The piece is finished with a fine rolled over locked hem using a coordinating coloured thread.

Purple Wings Scarf

Kingfisher Scarf

Barn Owl Scarf

Phoenix Scarf

Raven Scarf

via So Souper Awesome

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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