Clever Diabetes Alert Dog Lets His Beloved Human Know Whenever Her Blood Sugar Is Too Low

A woman named Sam who has Type 1 Diabetes spoke with GeoBeats Animals about her beloved dog Korey, a clever yellow lab who alerts her when her blood sugar is low. Sam explains that no matter what she’s doing or where she is, Korey will let her know that she needs to do whatever she needs to do in order to ensure she stays healthy. This includes licking her face to wake her up in bed and physically nudging her to make sure she pays attention. Sam states that Korey and she have an unbreakable bond.

If my blood sugar is low during the day, he will come and nudge me or boop me with his nose …for high blood sugars during the day, Korey will spin in a circle…. He’s very happy to just lay around and spend time with you. Even when he’s with other people he always makes sure that I’m close by. He’s my best friend he’s my child. ….we’re so connected. If I’m upset he comes over to me and tries to comfort me….if for some reason we’re not together it feels very very wrong.