Poignant Illustrations That Memorialize Beautiful World Destinations That No Longer Exist

Azure Window Malta Namibia

The travel blog Wayfairer has created a poignant series entitled “Faded Footprints“, a collection of lovely illustrations that both mourn memorialize beautiful destinations around the world that no longer exist. The reasons for the respective disappearances vary and whether the loss is due to time, weather, nature, war or mandate, the end result is still the same. The loss of a beautiful place on earth.

In our new illustrative series Faded Footprints we look back at bygone tourist destinations. Whether due to man’s interference or natural disasters, these once beautiful and thriving attractions are now extinct. The illustrations serve as a stark reminder to appreciate the wonderful locations and landmarks available to explore around the world while we still can, and to do everything we can to help conserve these attractions.

Guaria Falls Brazil Old Man of the Mountain NH

Johah's Tomb Iraq Love Locks Bridge Paris

Cambodia Jeffrey Pine

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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